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Its as simple as this, we aim to make your night run as smoothly as possible.


We offer a variety of types of bar services:


Pay Bar


This service enables guests to purchase drinks from the bar as they please.

With this service we require a deposit which will be refunded once the specified target has been met. 


Free Bar


With this service, guests will have the liberty to order free drinks at your event. Each individual event will require a quotation.

This type of service works on a buy and return basis where whatever is not consumed at the event will be returned to us and refunded. 


Mixed Bar


With the mixed bar, we give our clients the option to choose on an individual basis which guests will pay directly to the bar and those who will be part of your bar tab limit throughout the night.

Dry Hire


Hire equipment and staff only, we have multiple packages to choose from or contact us for any specific equipment requests for hire. 


Need to Mix it up a bit?


If you want to have multiple payment options we can run this through with you prior to the event and work with you to ensure we support you and your events needs. 

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